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Survey: Ride-sharing risks personal injury from late recalls

When it comes to riding in a ride-share vehicle, do you know how safe you are from personal injury? You may be surprised to know that many vehicles enrolled in Uber and other ride-sharing services actually increase your risk of personal injury because they are not compliant with issued recalls. Some of the recalls are relatively minor, but others could be potentially deadly for both drivers and their occupants.

Pile-up personal injury wreck leaves 1 dead, 9 wounded

A horrific motor vehicle accident near Glendale, California, left one victim dead and several others injured when several big-rig collisions led to a pile-up on April 25. The personal injury accident occurred when one tractor-trailer rig jumped the median on the Golden State Freeway, shutting down traffic in both directions. At least nine people suffered injuries in the collision, with one woman in her 20s listed in critical condition.

Truck accident kills 1, injures 4 on California highway

A semitruck crash in California on March 31 left one man dead and several others injured after the driver of the large vehicle lost control of the wheel. The personal injury accident left a Wyoming man dead and gave four other drivers minor injuries. Authorities report that the accident is still under investigation, but alcohol and drugs are not thought to be a factor in the deadly collision.

Know your duties when you seek compensation

Car accidents are hard on the victims. Even people who don't suffer serious physical injuries might face emotional trauma. This can make living life after the accident very difficult. We know that you are probably doing everything you can to get better and get your life back on track.

How wrongful death compensation is calculated in personal injury

How much money can a family recover from a wrongful death claim? Measuring the value of a human life is ethically challenging, but it is absolutely necessary in today's personal injury legal system. In general, courts use a measure known as "valuation by human capital" to determine the appropriate amount of compensation. This is also known as the pecuniary loss rule.

3 types of dangerous driving behaviors that lead to crashes

One of the first questions people have after a car crash is, "Whose fault was it?" This isn't just a question asked out of curiosity; it is a question that must be answered in order to determine what, if any, remedies are available for injured parties.

California highway worker killed in motor vehicle accident

A California highway worker was killed on Feb. 9 after he was struck by a vehicle while cleaning up debris on Highway 17. The man, age 54, was a 15-year employee of Graniterock, a Watsonville-based firm that contracted with Caltrans for cleanup and road maintenance. One other victim, a 34-year-old Graniterock worker, was harmed in the personal injury accident. Official reports show that the decedent and the injured victim were both hit by the same dump truck, driven by a 39-year-old man employed by Hildebrand & Sons out of Watsonville.

California woman dead after personal injury caused by tree fall

A 35-year-old California woman is dead after a 70-foot oak tree toppled through the roof of her home and crushed her. The personal injury incident occurred in the early morning hours on January 22, according to local authorities. Family members and friends of the woman say she had previously complained about the tree to her landlord, saying that she was concerned that it might fall over. Neighbors had also expressed concern that the tree was unsafe, but no action was taken by the landlord. The massive tree had a trunk that measured approximately 7 feet in diameter.

Seriously injured in an accident? Don't fear legal action

Suffering injuries due to the actions of another person can sometimes prove complicated. Car accidents are among the most common events in which individuals sustain broken bones or other serious injuries that result from other parties. If you have suffered such injuries in an accident in which another driver was at fault, you may want to consider your claims options.

California driving rule could affect personal injury cases

A new California law emphasizes the importance of safe driving by banning vehicle operators from holding their phones while driving. Officials say this should have a positive impact on personal injury rates by forcing drivers to focus more on the road. Drivers who are caught holding their phones in their hand while driving face potential fines of $20 for the first offense and $50 for subsequent violations.

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