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Polygraph for sex crimes viewed as 'excessive'

Is it ethical for law enforcement officers in California to rely on lie-detector tests? These tests, often known as polygraphs, are generally considered too unreliable for use in civil or criminal trials, but some states are still using them to thwart criminal defense arguments. For example, in Colorado, a controversial polygraph program is again under fire, with the state having spent more than $5 million in lie-detector tests for sex offenders during the past several years.

Why juvenile criminal defense is important for kids' futures

Most teenagers engage in some kind of "delinquent" behavior these days - but what about the few that are unlucky enough to get caught up in the California judicial system? When it comes to criminal defense for juvenile crime, defendants can suffer long-term consequences that prevent them from getting jobs or achieving success in life. That is why it is so critical to provide our juvenile clients with the best possible representation.

What does an assault or battery charge mean for my future?

Violent crimes such as assault and battery come with serious penalties. If you find yourself charged with one of these crimes, you should challenge those charges since your future is at stake. A violent crime conviction creates an extremely negative impact on both your personal and professional lives.

New attorney general decides to crack down on drug crime

The change in the political administration from Obama to Trump may have more legal consequences than most judicial experts imagined. News out of Washington shows that California residents and others throughout the country may be in store for a more aggressive approach to street crime, which could increase the number of criminal defense cases nationwide. Jeff Sessions, the nation's new attorney general, has given statements indicating that he will crack down on drug crime, assault, weapons crimes, and a variety of other violations with the transition in political administrations.

Reports: Reduced enforcement for white collar criminal defense

With the transition in political administrations, Americans can expect a major shift in the focus of law enforcement priorities, according to legal experts. Reports show that criminal defense for traffic penalties, weapons crimes, and "street" violations are more likely to be held in high importance during the coming years. The trade-off? Enforcement for white collar crime is anticipated to drastically reduce.

Why have a DUI expunged?

You can, in some cases, have a DUI expunged. People often think that this means it's taken off of your record, as if it never happened. That's not always precisely true. It's just sealed, but law enforcement can still see it. For example, if police want proof that you had a prior conviction, they may still be able to use the record of that DUI.

Justice head hearing could affect California criminal defense

The confirmation hearing for the potential new attorney general has left some defense representatives concerned. Criminal defense advocates are expressing dismay at Jeff Sessions' comments about cracking down on white collar crime, an area where he says the current administration has not been consistent with enforcement. Instead of holding an individual accountable for white collar crime, the Obama administration has urged holding the corporate entity responsible. This could change things for California defendants and others throughout the nation.

Consequences for sex crimes in California tend to harm defendants

New evidence about punishment for sex crimes in California shows that consequences are having an unfair impact on convicted offenders. The news could affect legal choices for those who are seeking criminal defense options against alleged sex crimes. Research suggests that those convicted of sex crimes are not only more likely to be homeless because of restrictive rules -- they are also more likely to be arrested again for new violations.

Does the arrest disappear when your record is expunged?

Some people have the mistaken idea that having a record expunged means it is completely erased, as if the whole thing never happened. This is not the case. In reality, the fact that you were arrested is still visible, as are the charges that you were facing. However, the change is that any conviction is dismissed, and it's marked as such.

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