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January 2017 Archives

Driver mounts DUI defense against caffeine-related charges

A California man who was facing DUI charges because of driving under the influence of caffeine has been cleared of all allegations. The bizarre DUI defense case began with the man's arrest in August 2015, when he was pulled over by police officers who thought he was driving recklessly. The defendant was accused of erratic driving, and officers' sworn statements indicate that the driver was acting as though he was under the influence of a stimulant.

Justice head hearing could affect California criminal defense

The confirmation hearing for the potential new attorney general has left some defense representatives concerned. Criminal defense advocates are expressing dismay at Jeff Sessions' comments about cracking down on white collar crime, an area where he says the current administration has not been consistent with enforcement. Instead of holding an individual accountable for white collar crime, the Obama administration has urged holding the corporate entity responsible. This could change things for California defendants and others throughout the nation.

DUI defense applies to California boaters, too

When we think of DUI, we often only imagine the defendant behind the wheel of a car -- but did you know that boating under the influence is also a significant issue in California? Boaters who are accused of imbibing behind the wheel can benefit from DUI defense, just like those who are facing charges because they were operating a car or truck. Many of the same principles are used to convict or exonerate boaters who are accused of operating a vehicle while drunk. Here's what you need to know about BUI charges.

Seriously injured in an accident? Don't fear legal action

Suffering injuries due to the actions of another person can sometimes prove complicated. Car accidents are among the most common events in which individuals sustain broken bones or other serious injuries that result from other parties. If you have suffered such injuries in an accident in which another driver was at fault, you may want to consider your claims options.

California driving rule could affect personal injury cases

A new California law emphasizes the importance of safe driving by banning vehicle operators from holding their phones while driving. Officials say this should have a positive impact on personal injury rates by forcing drivers to focus more on the road. Drivers who are caught holding their phones in their hand while driving face potential fines of $20 for the first offense and $50 for subsequent violations.

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