Challenging DUI Evidence In Fresno

Can you beat a DUI charge? Many people who are stopped and then charged become concerned with getting an answer about fighting DUI charges. Firstly, the most important issue to address is exactly what Fresno DUI defense lawyer you should call.

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How to Challenge the Evidence in a DUI Charge in Fresno

The most important evidence in a DUI offense is the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). If you blew at .08% or higher, it is an automatic arrest. You may believe that there is little hope of avoiding conviction, but in fact, your case could involve significant errors that could be successfully challenged in court, including the BAC evidence. There is no evidence in a DUI case that is not open to challenge, no matter how serious it could appear to you. Let the professional defense team at the firm evaluate your situation and advise you about your chances of beating the charges. Some cases are so flawed that the attorney is able to get the entire case dismissed, with no further repercussions.

There is a great deal of scientific information about alcohol absorption and peak alcohol levels that could come into play in your case, as well as issues regarding how the tests were administered, the history of the unit used and whether it had been properly serviced, calibrated and maintained. All of these issues will be fully reviewed by the firm in creating a strategy for your defense. You deserve to have the most qualified and experienced Fresno law firm fighting for you, and we have extensive case development and trial skills.

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