Peak Alcohol Levels And Alcohol Absorption In California

Charged with DUI in Fresno? It is in your best interests to contact the Law Office of Michael J. Aed at once. Our firm is recognized as being one of the most effective criminal law firms in the Fresno area, and every detail of the case against you will be carefully evaluated to identify the areas that are open to challenge.

The type of evidence that could be challenged includes the science behind alcohol absorption, and how at the time you were stopped you may not have been above the legal limit. You deserve to find out what could be done for you with regard to avoiding conviction. The right attorney can make the difference between a conviction and walking away with your criminal record and your reputation intact.

Aggressive Defender For DUI Charges In Fresno

With an extensive background prosecuting felony DUI charges for the state, the Fresno DUI attorney at the firm has an exceptional level of understanding of how to craft a case that can win. Your specific case may have significant errors, and one of them could be related to how the body absorbs alcohol. As you can only be found guilty if it is proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you were in control of the vehicle while over the legal limit. Alcohol absorption is an important element in your case.

There may have been a long period between when you were arrested and tested. As the body absorbs alcohol, the peak levels occur at approximately one hour after consuming the drink, although this can vary, based upon the unique physiology of the person, including weight, gender, as men and women absorb alcohol at different rates, as well as whether any food was consumed.

Aggressive Legal Defense

You may not have been above the legal level of .08% when you were driving. It is important that the Fresno DUI lawyer at the firm reviews every detail of your case, and works closely with you to craft a case that could win in court, whether in a reduced charge, dismissed charge, or an acquittal achieved at trial. The firm is highly qualified, extremely experienced, and ready to assist you now.

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