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At the Law Office of Michael J. Aed in Fresno, our defense team offers some outstanding qualifications for those who are accused of a felony DUI related to a fatal accident. We have the insight and skill to understand all the elements in a DUI with accident case, including how the evidence against you could be completely incorrect. As the penalties imposed will be so severe, it is imperative that you are represented by a Fresno DUI defense lawyer that can defend you against the charges with the highest level of professional skill.

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Don't Plead Guilty – Get Professional Defense Counsel

Many people give in and just plead guilty, or the attorney gets involved in a plea deal. In fact, some DUI lawyers rarely go to trial. That is not the case at this firm. Our skilled lawyer's experience has proven to be a great benefit to many people facing felony DUI charges, including those involving a fatal accident.

When a fatal accident takes place, police engage in an investigation to determine what occurred. One of the facts that will be evaluated is the BAC level of all of the drivers. When being tested for alcohol intoxication, there are various things that can go very wrong. For example, if a driver is tested at the hospital, the blood testing may be inaccurate, including swabbing the arm with alcohol, or testing plasma, which will give an inaccurate reading of BAC levels. There are other factors that could influence the outcome of a test, including blood in the mouth.

Another issue that must be evaluated will be the evidence from the scene. Once a person is believed to have been driving drunk, it could be easily be assumed that this is the party responsible for the accident, which may or may not be accurate. The firm can engage an independent accident investigator to obtain any evidence that could assist with defending the case.

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