Accused Of A White Collar Crime?

If you are facing criminal charges of a white collar crime in Fresno County, California, or the surrounding counties, it is strongly advised that you seek professional legal representation from an attorney who is experienced is defending such cases and who will aggressively represent you in court.

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At the Law Office of Michael J. Aed, we defend clients against white collar crime charges. Our team has a proven track record of success with criminal defense matters in the Fresno area. Attorney Michael Aed worked for many years in the public defender's office. His perseverance and diligence allowed him to be promoted quickly to the Major Crimes Team. he has also earned the designation of Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

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Examples Of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are generally nonviolent crimes involving theft, fraud, deception, and misrepresentation. These crimes may be highly technical, involving a complex use of the Internet and computers, and a specialized knowledge in a financial or business field. Those accused of white collar crimes are often business professionals, managers, accountants, and politicians. Examples of white collar crimes are embezzlement, bribery, identity theft, money laundering, investment scams, extortion, and tax evasion. These crimes may be prosecuted at both the state and federal level.

Penalties Can Vary Greatly

The penalties for a conviction of a white collar crime may be prison time, hefty fines, probation, and restitution of monies lost to victims, often with interest. The severity of the penalties will depend on the facts of the case, including the amount of money or property illegally obtained and how many victims were involved. Aside from these penalties, a conviction will give you a permanent criminal record which will follow you through your adult life, which can be accessed on a simple background check.

Consult With A Top-Notch Defense Attorney

The most important step you can take in your defense lies in your choice of an attorney to represent you. The Law Office of Michael J. Aed has an impressive and highly effective command of criminal defense.

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