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Are you facing an arrest for a Fresno weapons charge? If so, it is important to obtain aggressive defense and to speak with our strong and hard-hitting Fresno weapons charge attorney from the Law Office of Michael J. Aed.

If you have been accused of selling, buying or distributing a weapon in an illegal manner, you can face severe penalties that can affect your future. Even if the actual weapon is not illegal to own, you can still face serious charges for illegal actions with the use of a weapon. For example, you may have been arrested under the accusation that you were illegally distributing a rifle. Legal assistance is important during this difficult time and we can help you pursue justice!

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Wide Range For Weapons Charge Penalties

California law takes weapons crimes seriously and deal with them in a harsh manner. You may be facing years in prison and have to pay heavy fines because of this act. Additionally, a weapons conviction can lead to community service and length probation. You may also be facing a permanent criminal record.

Weapons conviction penalties have a large range of penalties because they are typically combined with other crimes, such as domestic violence and assault. Your sentence will depend on the weapon used, how this weapon was used, your criminal history and whether or not the weapon was concealed. If you are facing these charges, it is important to have a strong defense to avoid the maximum penalty. As Fresno weapons charge law firm, we can help you build a solid defense to have the charges reduced or dropped.

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